Real Estate Impact Investing is a subset of Impact Investing, focused solely on investing within the Real Estate asset class. The primary goal of Real Estate Impact Investing is to invest in real estate assets that can simultaneously achieve financial returns with measured environmental and social impact. There are various strategies within Real Estate Impact Investing, including Green Real Estate, Affordable Housing, and Sustainable Communities.


Green Real Estate strategies concentrate on applying environmentally-sustainable principles into our projects. This can be achieved by improving energy and water efficiency, using locally-sourced materials, and improving the safety of as-built assets. We also focus on reducing waste by recycling during all phases of the development lifecycle, banning the use of single use plastic during construction, and providing bottle fillers at all our new construction projects to promote an environmentally conscious mindset.


Housing Affordability strategies concentrate on maintaining the affordability of the as-built and future built environment. Our goal is to increase the housing supply by providing new inventory to an underserved portion of the population. Many of our projects are focused on workforce housing with a higher affordability threshold.


Sustainable Community strategies concentrate on designing and building real estate that serves as a foundation for neighborhood growth. Here, our goal is to deliver projects that are designed with the local community’s input, provide central congregation areas for public interactivity and connection, and serve certain essential needs of the neighborhood. We strive to create homes within our projects that support the culture and cohesiveness of their neighborhoods.  

Make An Impact

APPA’s investment approach capitalizes on our local market expertise while strictly adhering to a distinct investing criteria. Our priority through every phase of a project is to Make an Impact. APPA seeks a unique triple bottom line strategy with the potential for attractive returns, tax advantages and socially responsible investing.


Generate economic growth that creates positive outcomes for local, original residents in target communities— a commitment to both people and place.


Promote racial equity and create specific opportunities for underrepresented minority communities.

Sustainable Community

Assist in the revitalization and re-imagining of urban cores in primary and secondary markets across the
United States.